Driving Meditation

Highway 5 down California. Boring as grass, God knows
—so we like to say.          God knows grass, anyway.

God knows the joy      of lifting 
delicate petals to passing cumulus.

God knows the freedom      of being created
by mountains to shrive the soil.

God knows the carve of wheel on crumbling body,
and the glory of speed, its silent sinew-thrum. 

In the act of minute attention, God
dismembers Godself, and God      grows. 

Driving Meditation, by Tara K. Shepersky
A little ramble about Driving Meditation, and road trips, and the inconvenience of poetry
Fog curls between brown hills and blue sky.

This post includes an original, never-before-published poem. I release about one of these per month, plus a recording, and sometimes a short, rambling reflection. If you enjoyed this post (and would like more poems!) please consider writing me a letter.

One thought on “Driving Meditation

  1. Of course I can identify with this, having driven I-5 in California, and north, countless times over the past 44 years. Thank you. I love your poem.💕 And you😘

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