Words that Sparkle

Poet, friend, and thoughtful human Allie Rigby runs a short, engaging monthly newsletter for creative types called The Herd. Each issue includes writing prompts, seasonal thoughts, and submission and workshop opportunities.

Each issue also spotlights a particular artist. This month’s “Creativity Crush” is me (!), and specifically my present year-long exercise in creative play, The Florilegia Project. I’ve enjoyed a couple of wonderful long conversations with Allie on the subject. The first of those led to our official interview—which you can read Allie’s digest of right here.

If you enjoy The Herd, there’s a subscription option at the bottom of this month’s issue. I find something thoughtful there each month, and I look forward to watching this community of writers continue to grow and create. Read poetry from some of those community members in The Herd’s Fall Harvest issue, and join this month’s discussion of creative goals for 2020!

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