Coming in October: “Thin Places” at Creative Spirits Gallery

UPDATE: The show is October 3rd through November 23rd, 2019.

Opening reception is Sunday, October 6th, 9:30 to
about 11am. My friend Doanne is going to play her harp!
All are welcome.

The gallery, housed at West Linn Lutheran Church,
is open when the church is: generally between 9am and 3pm
on weekdays, plus Saturday and (obviously) Sunday mornings.

I’m excited to announce I’ll be showing some of my photography and poetry at Creative Spirits Art Gallery here in West Linn, in October and November. Two other local photographers, Dayle Askey and Donna Hertzfeldt-Kamprath, will also be exhibiting their work. Our theme–the three of us, not the gallery, picked it, almost without needing to consider–is “thin places.”

My photos are printed on wood blocks, 5×5 inches. I love the way the wood grain subtly enhances the texture and color of the photos, and I love the slight three-dimensionality on a wall.

I’m currently in the process of sealing the printed blocks, and choosing which will hang together, and with which poems. (The poems are the hardest part. Aren’t they always?) I’ll take some pictures when the whole thing’s up. Here’s a preview:


The Veil. Tara for scale.


The blocks–although not the poetry; how would that even work?–will be available for sale, to be taken home or shipped as needed after the end of November. They look great in threes; I’ll figure out a deal for triple purchases. I’ll have some 5×7 prints, too, pre-matted. More information to come.

If you’re local, I’d love for you to come and see the exhibition in person. We’ll have an official reception at some point; I’ll post the date and time when I know it. UPDATE! See note at the top of this post.

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