Poems in print and online at Camas Magazine, Shark Reef, Whitefish Review, EcoTheo Review, Leaping Clear, Cascadia Rising Review, The Billfold, Mojave Heart, Skylight 47, others. Here are a few you can read online:

Mist, mountains, and water near Port Renfrew, BC


The Family


Praying the Hours at Elkhorn Slough

At the Beloved River

Role Model

On Going to the Coast for a Weekend Retreat


Today is My Birthday

After This Vernal Equinox, Remember

Weather Report From Deep Inside the Family

A Prayer for my Solitude, in a Wild Place Not Home 

On Bodies

Fog curls between brown hills and blue sky.

Spell for Blue Sky on the First Day of Spring

Mother & Moon 

Fear of Missing Out 

Before Ordering a Second Margarita