What We Can Promise

Happy December! I am delighted to begin this, my second-favorite month, by announcing the publication of a new poem in Mojave Heart Review! (@MojaveHeart, if you’re on Twitter.) I’m less delighted by its theme. It was written in response to the Hill and Woolsey and Camp Fires, as they devoured homes and lives in California … More What We Can Promise

Spell for Blue Sky on the First Day of Spring

I’m in rather the wrong season with this one. Though I suspect some of my co-hemisphereists would be pleased to imagine the arrival of warmer and sunnier weather as we deepen into wintertime. This one’s for you. ;) Personally, I’ll celebrate the spring when it rolls around. For now, I’ll just celebrate the fact that … More Spell for Blue Sky on the First Day of Spring

A Field Offering

On most visits to a coastal margin, I make something I call a “beach offering.” Beaches are places to find all manner of mysteries in object form. Like children, dogs, and many adults I know, I like to pick those things up. If the picking up is mostly curiosity, the giving back – that’s the … More A Field Offering

Florilegium: Palestinian Walks

When I’m not writing about walking and landscape, I’m reading about it. A favorite journal, Empty Mirror, has this week published a book review of mine, discussing someone else’s landscape encounters – human rights lawyer Raja Shehadeh‘s, in his 2008 collection of Palestinian Walks. I’ve written multiple book reviews for Publisher’s Weekly, but those are … More Florilegium: Palestinian Walks