A Field Offering

On most visits to a coastal margin, I make something I call a “beach offering.” Beaches are places to find all manner of mysteries in object form. Like children, dogs, and many adults I know, I like to pick those things up. If the picking up is mostly curiosity, the giving back – that’s the … More A Field Offering

Unsafety & Real Talk

On my walk these past three mornings, I’m passing clumps of kids: walking, standing, waiting for the bus. As a non-parent, I’d forgotten late August is back-to-school o’clock. I’m not thinking about the years I stood for the bus in late elementary school. It truly doesn’t cross my mind. I’m so good at not-remembering this … More Unsafety & Real Talk

Florilegium: The Overstory

Since about halfway through its 500 pages, I’ve been unable to stop thinking about Richard Powers’ recent novel, The Overstory. It’s about…well, that’s complicated, but here’s how the publisher condenses it. And here’s the author: “The whole book is a simple question: What would it take to make you give the unquestioning sacredness that you … More Florilegium: The Overstory