Art Sale

Wood-block Photos

Deeply saturated 5×5-inch wood blocks look like photographic jewels on your wall or mantle. Not quite flat, they have a subtle pop of presence on a wall. Photos are printed right on the wood, so the natural grain creates intriguing texture.

They’re especially fetching grouped in threes—and they come at a discount that way, too.

Printed on maple. Each block is named, signed, and sealed to last. I’ve had a set on my mantle for two years now; they look as good as the day I sealed them.

$40/block. Any 3 for $100.


8×10 Prints

5×7 matte-finish prints are hand-matted in a soft off-white to 8×10 inches. Each print is named and signed, and comes in a clear protective pocket.

$15/print. Any three for $40.



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You won’t see links to purchase. Please drop me a line at with the items you want, and whether you’d like them shipped (I’ll keep the boxes as small and the charges as low as possible), or prefer to arrange delivery or pickup (no charge).

I use CashApp or Paypal; other options by request. If we’re doing pickup or delivery, I’ll happily accept cash or check.

Let me know if you’d like a receipt with your items, or if they are a gift. If you’re gifting, I’m happy to hand-write your short gift message.

Waterlilies: gorgeous June pond-blooms, shot at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Waterlilies 1 (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Waterlilies 2 (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Waterlilies 3 (5×5 inches, maple wood)

Liminal: summer sunrise moments, encountered in quiet fields

Sleepy Bumble (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD
Awake (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD
Sunrise Lace (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD

Geometries: angles of vision, encountered in hedge, on shore, in sky

Quartz (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Greenwood (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD
Lanterns in the Trees (5×5 inches, maple wood)

Mountains & Sea: California coastal dreaming

Santa Monica Majesty (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD
Glitter Path to Anacapa (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Marina (5×5 inches, maple wood)

Portals: doorways of many kinds

Ventura Bridge (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Neskowin Sunrise (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Secret Door (5×5 inches, maple wood)SOLD
The Veil (5×5 inches, maple wood)
Not Ruined (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD
Beltane (5×5 inches, maple wood) SOLD

Field, Forest, & River: ordinary-incredible moments

Love from the Blackfoot River
(8×10 matted print, 2 available)
Creeklight, 7am (8×10 matted print, 2 available 1 available)
Young Light, Ancient Growth (8×10 matted print, 2 available 1 available)
Daisies in Fog (8×10 matted print, 2 available)
Invitation to Trespass (8×10 matted print, SOLD OUT)
Afterstorm Dawn (8×10 matted print, 2 available)
Serpentine Translation (8×10 matted print, 3 available)
Stuck Wish (8×10 matted print, 2 available 1 available)

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