If you were young at the advent of email, I bet you have a story behind your very personal, potentially embarrassing first address. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

When Twitter came to stay, I picked my handle with similar flippancy, though perhaps it’s a bit more humble. Shepersky is my birth name, short-hand for the far-flung clan that’s anchored me as long as I can remember. And the only home I’ve ever adopted on purpose is Portland, Oregon — airport call sign PDX.

This website used to identify me as just “PDXpersky.” Suddenly I was actually publishing things, and I thought I’d better put my name on my online home. But I’m fond of the portmanteau, so the URL stays.

Broadly, I’m interested in concepts of home and place, particularly how humans pursue and understand our relationships to land. I also tend to think and write about seasons and shiftings, poetry, the creative life, contemplative practice, walking, and what it means to live and die well.



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Everything on this site, including photography and the written word (unless otherwise noted), is copyright Tara K. Shepersky. Share all you like, but please attribute. Better yet, link.

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