About “PDXpersky”

If you were young at the advent of email, I bet you have a story behind your very personal, potentially embarrassing first address. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

When Twitter came to stay, I picked my handle with similar flippancy, though perhaps it’s a bit more humble. Shepersky is my birth name, short-hand for the far-flung clan that’s anchored me as long as I can remember. And the only home I’ve ever adopted on purpose is Portland, Oregon — airport call sign PDX.

This website used to identify me as just “PDXpersky.” Then suddenly I was actually publishing things, and I thought I’d better put my real name on my online home. But I’m fond of the portmanteau, so the URL stays.

So who am I, besides one more internet poet? I’m a walker, first, feet on the ground and face to the stars every day that I can manage. A reader, after that, always in arrears with the TBR pile. A taxonomist and search analyst by profession, though I used to run a winery tasting room. A singer (alto, decidedly amateur), a birdwatcher, (but definitely not a birder), a terrible gardener, and a decent amateur botanist. I journal by hand, practice contemplation, and tend to write poetry at inconvenient moments. I’m sort of Christian, sort of pagan, very Lutheran, and I will abandon my day to communally ponder theology, any time you bring the wine or coffee.

Come visit me on Twitter, or drop me a line via the Contact form here. Apologies in advance: I will find a way to mention my cat in conversation.