About PDXpersky

IMG_20160603_135211Before I really knew what Twitter was, I set up an account. The first part was the hardest: choose a handle. I’m Tara Shepersky; my adopted home is Portland, Oregon, airport call sign PDX. The imperfect portmanteau I made from those two bits of data has stuck so far to Twitter, Tumblr, and – fingers crossed – this site.

When I’m not out walking, or in writing about walking and landscape, you’ll find me sharpening my brain on (and making a living in) taxonomy. That, or I’m writing something else: I’m a freelance content writer, I review books (this one is really good), I occasionally publish short essays, and I still journal by hand. I travel often, indulge an Instagram habit, and drink tea and wine only slightly unreasonably. I read guidebooks cover to cover, and I should probably not admit my re-read count for Austen, Tolkien, Guy Gavriel Kay, and a wonderful piece of natural history called The Klamath Knot.

Find me on Twitter at – you know this one! – @pdxpersky. I tweet about the things I love: walking, reading, anthropology, social justice, tasty beverages, history, birdwatching, cats. A lot about cats.