Mugs & Bloom’s

When they asked for an author-photo, the only ones I could come up with featured some kind of beverage in my hand. I narrowed this down to mugs-only, and let my publisher pick his favorite mug.

It’s cracked and repaired, it’s got a moose, and it came with a week in a yurt next to my river. A mug full of memories.

Wait, why are we talking about mugs? And author-photos? Because I am not averse to burying a lede. Which is:

January 19th, a Thursday, at 7pm, I will be at my lovely local bookshop, Annie Bloom’s in Multnomah Village, to read from Tell the Turning and possibly also my forthcoming volume, Serpentine.

I would be thrilled if you came to say hello, or (for those not in the Portland, Oregon area) sent some poem-loving friends my way. If you’d like a signed copy of Tell the Turning, now or on the 19th, Annie B’s has several, and they ship.

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