Second Harvest: Tell the Turning is back!

As of today, my planter boxes are starting to hand over their first summer harvest: tiny scarlet tomatoes and adorable egg-sized eggplants.* And Bored Wolves is about to turn out its second harvest of Tell the Turning!

As before, it will help us a ton if folks decide to pre-order. (Independent publishers can use exactly the kind of faith you give your local CSA.) The first 50 pre-orders will also receive a set of beautiful postcards by illustrator Lucy Bellwood.

If you ordered the first printing last year and you loved it, now is the time to tell a friend!

You can expect copies to ship at the end of September.

First harvest: ‘Patio Baby’ eggplants. Second harvest: Tell the Turning!

If you’re interested in a bookstore or library near you carrying Tell the Turning, ask them! They can get in touch with the kind folks at Bored Wolves about ordering directly.

If you’re new here, and wondering what Tell the Turning is, start with this link.

Creative collaboration: Shepersky + Bellwood + the incomparable Pacific

* I’ve already stir-fried those eggplants into the vegetable component of a delicious chilled base of udon noodles, garlic, and scallions in a sweet/savory peanut sauce. Good news for dinner on a day predicted to reach 100 degrees F.

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