Summer Holly

I am making a little book. One-of-a-kind. Imperfect.

The paper is not the best quality. But the cover is black and wavy and silky, like a river at night. I like to touch it. Someone must have given it to me. It was just sitting in my small pile of notebooks-to-find-a-use-for. I think it’s been there for years.

The book is a record of…I don’t know what. Early summer, I guess. This one, specifically.

A draft? Maybe.

An experiment. A companion.

An excitement! Literally, I am getting up in the morning because I want to read and write poems, and turn some of that activity toward this book.

Who knows why I am doing this. Because I love doing this.

5 thoughts on “Summer Holly

  1. Hi Tara, great idea finding a a way to poetry journal. Just talked to Doug. We are going to try to gather the group at his house on Sunday 6/26 at 2:00. Hope you can make it. You will probably see a group email from me soon. Hugs H.

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