John Rutter’s Requiem

A good choral piece for today—with a wrenching cello part on the second song. The version I have was recorded by the Cambridge Singers and the City of London Sinfonia in 1998. Wear headphones. The car is a terrible substitute concert hall; I tried.

Even if you haven’t heard it:

John Rutter's Requiem 

I read the news, and I wish 
I played the cello. Words won't do, 
to walk beside the suffering of this world. 
Although: Out of the deep 
have I called unto thee O Lord. 
That's pretty close. 
If I could wield the bow beneath those words, 
I could bend to them. Without 
all this breaking.

I sang the Requiem once, a long time ago now. It was a choral festival, and none of the participating choirs had practiced it together until the day of, so it was a little weird. Also it was unforgettable. The cello in particular. It was such an effort not to somehow try to sing along to the cello part. It always is.

5 thoughts on “John Rutter’s Requiem

  1. Our choir at Ascension Lutheran Church presented Rutter’s Requiem Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014. Blessed and honored to be a member of our wonderful choir.

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