Tell the Turning at Your Library

My long-loved local library (Lake Oswego Public) now has two copies of Tell the Turning! I would be pretty excited if you checked one out!

You don’t technically have to be a member of the Library Information Network of Clackamas County (LINCC).

If you are, just go here and place a hold. You can pick up the book at whichever of the many libraries in Clackamas County you prefer.

If you’re not, ask your own local for an interlibrary loan (ILL). Lots of libraries do them, and they’re super-easy for patrons: usually all you have to do is call/tweet/show up/email to ask the reference desk. (I assume—but do not know for sure!—this only works within the US.)

And if you would like your local library to carry Tell the Turning, ask them! Libraries often buy books at direct patron request. Mine recently purchased for me Jacques Poulin’s Translation is a Love Affair, which I have just finished reading and which I utterly adore.

Libraries frequently have a page on their website dedicated to patron requests, like this one for Multnomah County (Portland), Oregon. Put them in touch with Stefan Lorenzutti at Bored Wolves (my wonderful publisher).

Circulation numbers are important to authors, and as a Very Small-Time Author, I could use your help with those. Thank you! In the meantime, here are some completely glorious cyclamen glowing-up the almost-sunrise hour:

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