Winter Turning

Happy October! The low coastal mountains around here are green and gold with big-leaf maples glimmering, and our city streets bask in the annual week of red and orange.

Skies have been brilliant blue, stars clear in the fields before dawn. Or skies have been grey and soft, or so wet that wet becomes color of its own.

I love this changeable weather! Winter turning.

Sunrises have been especially…well, here’s one from my fields two days back:

Speaking of fields, and turnings, here’s Tell the Turning in its real, physical form, being introduced by Stefan to his own fields yesterday:

Those fields are in southern Poland, near a small post office that is about to be full of carefully packaged copies of Tell the Turning.

I can’t wait for you to meet this book. It’s small enough to carry in a large pocket or a small rucksack, and it’s durable, so please take it with you on outdoor adventures. (It likes fields, and the sea, especially.) And if you do, please feel very free to share a picture.

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