This post is part of The Memory Book Project.

Gethsemane, by Mary Oliver

A ramble about Gethsemane, Holy Week, what even is faith, and the consolations of the liturgical year.

Actually, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say much at all about “the consolations of the liturgical year.” I was feeling a lot about them, though.

And just like that, The Memory Book Project is over.

Well. Its year is up. I will not stop memorizing poems, and I may not even stop recording them here, though I will absolutely (and with some relief) stop doing so on a schedule.

I do have a whole new book of poems I plan to memorize.

Which is a thing I just said aloud, and now I think maybe I want to do it.

Before that, I may have something to say about what I have learned from memorizing and reciting and recording and thinking out loud about poems for the last 12 months. Learning—along with play—is the point of my projects.

Although I also get tired of everything needing to have a point. Maybe I’ll just let this one stand, without analysis.

Probably not.

2 thoughts on “Gethsemane

  1. A year already?! How can that be?
    Somehow, clicking and listening was too much of a hurdle for me when you released these, so I haven’t listened to most of these.
    I will just have to dedicate time to listen to them all some rainy afternoon.

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