This post is part of The Memory Book Project.

Praying, by Mary Oliver

I thought I would learn a lot of new poets for this project. I have learned some. And also I’ve cemented my existing love for several. Yes, this is my excuse to recite for you another Mary Oliver poem. Also to highlight again my love for weeds.

5 thoughts on “Praying

  1. Loved hearing your voice read “Praying”. A bit misty eyed I listened several times. I associate the word “attention” with healing, becoming more “whole”. My role as a therapist is to walk beside my client on their path to wholeness by guiding their attention to where it is needed in body, mind, spirit, emotion.

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    • I am going to quote you on this description of what a good therapist is doing for their client. I thought I knew, before I read your comment, but I wouldn’t have been able to articulate it. Thinking of your work as guiding attention to where it is needed is clarifying.

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    • I too am finding that deep attention is a powerful tool to move toward wholeness. I hear (and say) phrases like “fragmented attention,” feeling “scattered,” feeling “pulled in many directions.” And at this point I know that an antidote is contained within those phrases: *collecting* attention, intentionally.

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