Generous Weeds

Gift, by Tara K. Shepersky, read by Juliana Finch

Each month, I like to release at least one original poem, with audio. This post is one such—excerpted from my forthcoming book, Tell the Turning.

You have possibly seen this poem before, but have you heard it?

I have a new tradition of asking friends to read my poems aloud for this blogletter, and it’s a joy and a half to hear how they do it. Above is Gift, read for you by mystical/mythical/modern singer-songwriter-storyteller Juliana Finch. (Also find Juliana on Twitter, where she’s a consistently kind and uplifting presence, and creating art over on Patreon.)

Why this poem, this day? It’s the last two lines. To those who find those last grasping days of winter particularly hard, I offer this (ahem) gift.

Grateful thanks to Gift’s original publisher, The Hopper—an online presence I appreciate, and a gorgeous dream of a physical magazine.

If you like the poem, there’s plenty more where it came from—which is Tell the Turning, a book I’m launching this May along with publisher Bored Wolves and illustrator Lucy Bellwood. Add your email, and I’ll make sure you hear the news when it’s available.

For those who get this blogletter regularly (thank you! and) please enjoy/forgive my endless enthusiasm for talking about and sharing pieces of this artifact of poems and pen-and-ink that is turning out to be a love of my life. The fact that you read and share and possibly even celebrate my particular arts and assays is a source of endless gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Generous Weeds

  1. Ooh this gave me so many chills and tingles. Just gorgeous. (I love this practice as a way of familiarizing myself with these poems as spoken artifacts before getting into the illustration. Also I should hurry up and pick one to read, huh?)

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