Every Morning

Each month, I like to release at least one original poem, with audio. This post is one such—excerpted from my forthcoming book, Tell the Turning.

I love hearing my poems in another’s voice. Even more so, I love to hear them in the voice of a friend. So I’ve asked several friends to choose a poem from the book and read it for you.

There will be one poem per month…and maybe a second. There may be more than one or two friends. It depends which poems they choose… I don’t know the shape of this yet, and I’m surprised to find that I find that exciting. I usually say I don’t much like surprises.

Poems are great in your head. But if you don’t read them out loud once in a while—or listen to someone else reading—you’re truly missing out.

This month’s poem is called Every Morning. Here’s my friend Lauren reading it, oh-so-beautifully:

And here’s a little ramble that I intended to be about the poem—and at least sort of actually is about the poem:

From now through the publication of my book, Tell the Turning, these new monthly poems will come from its pages.

If you like what you read (and heard) above, please consider helping to fund the book by pre-ordering it in May. Sign up for this blogletter and I’ll make sure you get the link.

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