Full Moon

Full Moon, by David Baker
Rhododendron Moon, Remembered
Full Moon—Just the poem this time

Here’s a text version of the poem, over at Orion.

I’ve been writing a lot of letters this year, and both the writing and receiving tend to be highlights of my day. I’m nourished by the slowness and the asynchronous intimacy of this practice. I’m also feeling inspired by my friend Lucy Bellwood, who shares these wonderful semi-regular rambles via her Patreon. They’re both light and profound, comfortably chatty and comfortingly quiet. They’re auditory letters, and I love them.

So today I didn’t type my thoughts below the recorded poem, I just spoke them, a little bit like a ramble, without much in the way of premeditation, and then recited the poem at the end. Let’s see how it goes.

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6 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. This is wonderful, Tara. So glad I listened to the long version. I liked hearing about your relationship with the moon. Hope the skies clear soon.
    “I’m outdoors even when I’m in.” Same. Windows open, screen doors. I’ve noticed that after extended periods of time, I become uncomfortable in interior rooms with no windows. Like at conferences. How do people not go outside at every opportunity?
    Are you familiar with The Slowdown with Tracy K. Smith? https://www.slowdownshow.org/

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    • Thank you, Amber!

      Conferences are a mystery to me too, for just that reason. (Well, that and the so-many-people in one place!) I’ve worked for companies HQ’d in office buildings where none of the windows open, and I’ve been hard-pressed to explain to my colleagues why I always work from home unless there’s something really critical going on where physical togetherness is a significant asset. Most folks have been accepting, but a bit baffled.

      I hadn’t seen The Slowdown (or rather, heard it) before, and YES! This is great.

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  2. This made me cry a bit. I, of course, listened to your thoughts before the poem, partly to simply hear your voice 😘 Thank you for your thoughts and the poem. I can see the imagery; it’s beautiful.

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