“Warning”—This poem (by Shel Silverstein, not me) is very, very silly.

I am about to begin a new project. I’m not going to let its identity out into the world just yet. But consider the audio file above your first clue.

(Ok, there isn’t going to be a second; the next thing will just be the reveal. I’m into Mysteries, not mysteries.)

This picture has nothing to do with the audio file, or this post. Though it is (also) very, very silly.


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4 thoughts on “Warning

    1. Thank you! :)

      It’s so true about Silverstein! My cousin and I memorized a bunch of those as kids, and we used to speak them around the campfire summertimes. I wonder if my cousin still has all of Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout by heart…

      I think my other favorite is Boa Constrictor.

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      1. My kids’ 4th grade teachers’ had the kids do poetry memorizing/reciting and my son (now 10th grade) still has the Snowball poem memorized! It’s been far too long since I read Shel poems…

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