The Gathering & The Shaping

In this month’s column over at Nicole Dieker dot com, I compare the practices of poetry and contemplation, talk about manuscripts like they’re living beings, and make up some names for the magical rites of writing.

The Gathering & The Shaping is part of a monthly column on the creative practice.

Queen Palm at Sunset. Image copyright Tara K. Shepersky

2 thoughts on “The Gathering & The Shaping

  1. I love this Tara! It speaks to me now as I sit in a fallow period (I have a three month old baby and am sitting, breastfeeding, always) and try not to lose myself in anxiety rooted in all the things I ‘should be doing,’ try to remember how many times I’ve longed for such a quiet and still time. And it reminds me to read, which I am going to right now.

    Hope you’re well, thinking of you!

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    • Holy heck, your little one is three months already? (Does it feel like ‘already’ to you, or more like that ‘always’?) Of all the folx who should get to feel fine about not ‘doing the things they should be doing,’ it’s parents of babies, and yet our culture never wants to let us get away with being kind to ourselves. :p Enjoy your small one, enjoy your reading, and enjoy your fallow time. Many blessings to you!


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