Currant Bushes Speaking from November

This winter’s issue of Camas Magazine begins with a quietly incandescent cover photo.

That glorious photo is by Anthony Pavkovich

Then page after page reveals thoughtful essay, fiction, photography, and poetry loosely gathered around the theme decay. I’m particularly pleased to share space in this issue with my friends Chris LaTray, all-around good human and author of the wonderful One-Sentence Journal, and Kitty Galloway, who’s got an essay in here I can’t wait to read. (But I have to, because apparently I need to work until vacation time?)

My own contribution is a short poem, Currant Bushes Speaking from November.

This is my second time appearing in these favorite pages, which is a pretty great gift I’m savoring this Christmas.

You can purchase single issues or a year’s subscription of the (truly, every time) wonderful Camas at their website, or find it at independent bookstores across the West.

Big thanks to Sydney Bollinger and Jackie Bussjaeger for co-creating this latest lovely issue.

Thoughts? Questions? Stories to share?

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