Projects as a Structure (or Possibly a Soul) of Creative Practice

Today’s post isn’t here–it’s over at

It’s about learning to imagine myself into being as a writer, writing projects and writing prompts, and possibly my favorite word: Mystery, with a capital M.*

Nicole Dieker’s excellent daily blog discusses “the art and finance of a creative career.” I am mostly allergic to finance (three guesses what my guest post today doesn’t touch on**), which is one of many reasons I appreciate Nicole. She used to run The Billfold, facilitating regular articles and a friendly community of folks discussing every aspect of personal economics, without all the usual obfuscation and awkwardness. I learned quite a bit over there,*** and I continue to appreciate the frank and accessible money-talk at


*Emerging theory: every writer has their Word. Even if they don’t realize it, even when they don’t actually say it, it runs like a river through their work. (Like a river, it might shift direction over time.) W.S. Merwin’s word was “frond.” What’s yours?

**It’s such a deep reality of my generation that I do occasionally address finance in poem form, usually obliquely. Exhibit A: Millennials Now Ruining Morning Walks.

**Sadly, The Billfold is now closed. The archives are still up, including my Weather Report From Deep Inside the Family (which is also Exhibit B re: finance.)

One thought on “Projects as a Structure (or Possibly a Soul) of Creative Practice

  1. I like this very much. And, as always, am proud, amazed, gratified, grateful, astounded at/of the woman you have become and are becoming. Wow😍💕😘

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