Role Model

Imagine I said I wish to live as a bank of Nootka roses...
Nootka rose hips and winter sky, Lopez Island, WA
Rose hips and winter sky, Lopez Island, WA

Updated 2021: The links below have mysteriously disappeared. Please click here for the poem.

Issue 5 of my local fave, Cascadia Rising Review, is out today. As always, it makes for thoughtful browsing and a lovely, clean reading experience.

My contribution includes a short poem contemplating a new (a very old, really) Role Model.

I’ve also got several photographs featured.

Also in this issue: Kathryn Smith, whose Book of Exodus I keep on my shelf and in my heart. (I fell in love with it at the inaugural Northwest Micropress Fair this March, where the folks at Scablands Books were spot on with the recommendations.) Smith’s latest poems continue to catch and hold. Pick a line:

“I excel at being mistaken for someone / who knows something…”

“Have you ever held a living thing / in one hand? I mean completely…”

“For every dog / on this trail, there’s a sign that reads / Dogs Are Not Allowed On The Trails…”

I can’t wait to buy these in a book. Speaking of role models.

Thoughts? Questions? Stories to share?

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