In Season: The Sparrow Waltz

Issue 9 of Barren Magazine dropped this week, and as usual, it’s evocatively named and full of beautiful intensity. Also as usual, I need some deep breaths to get through the emotional punch it slings. A useful reminder, that: I probably don’t pause often enough just to breathe.

Barren held its first-ever poetry contest for this issue, and while I’m sorry to say my own entry didn’t place, holy heck, look at the first-place winner!

So no poems from me, but you can see my photography in this issue, on the cover as well as inside, paired with poetry and prose.

The cover image is called In Season, a whimsical shot from a rainy winter day in the Nisqually Delta.

In Season

I also shot this picture last year for Issue 4, The Gathering Field.

Thoughts? Questions? Stories to share?

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