Listening to Landscape

I’ve been thinking a lot about natural silence. Also about absorption into a landscape: the beauty and the terror of that experience, and the different forms it takes. How I’m always fearful of inviting it — and also, always, desirous. And the one could not exist without the other.

Three short offerings in this vein:

Silent Landscapes
A gorgeous photo essay from Emergence Magazine,
by Gabriella Torres Ruiz

The Xenotopian Impulse
A short introduction to the Broomway, over at Last Word on Nothing, by Michelle Nijhuis. (With reference to a previously mentioned favorite book.)

On Indifference
Creation, complacency, and the alien companionship of wild rivers.
Published at The Cerurove, by me.

Winter cliffs at Willamette Falls

Thoughts? Questions? Stories to share?

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