Beautiful Conversations

No new writing from me today. Instead, I want to share two other conversations with place, land, and home that have enchanted me lately. And not just lately: I read these a little while back, and they’ve stayed with me. Resonating.

Each of these emerges from deep roots in a place I don’t know, and each is just a pleasure to read. Particularly valuable are the things they say that make me go “wait, what? I’m not sure I understand that…” It’s wonderful to feel the heart and mind stretching to meet these folks and their places and the stories rooted there, and the pieces of Mystery they illuminate.

Here’s Rafael Carvalho, the Azores, & the viola da terra

Here’s David James Duncan, western Montana, river-love,
& the craft of writing fiction

Blessings on your day, friends, and your own deep conversations.

Deep pink bougainvillea splash a white-painted fence

And here’s another literary exchange
I continue to carry in my heart.*

*I participated in this one, so, although it’s certainly about a landscape I don’t know, it doesn’t really count as just “listening.”

Thoughts? Questions? Stories to share?

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