Star Songs & Water Rituals

… I think in terms of rivers and trees, the local osprey pair’s migration months. I do not want to imagine a need to leave this world…

What a month, October! I’m full of gratitude, friends — and that restlessness that says “why aren’t you writing a new thing, right now?” This is a fine time to practice  — in that sense of a first-grader learning the piano keys — the stillness of doing one thing. I’m going to try and just be here, enjoying the fact that a new piece (well, an old piece, newly published!) is out in the world.

This “new” piece is Star Songs & Water Rituals, published this month in Wilderness House Literary Review.

You can find a nice clean pdf copy right here. As always, I welcome your thoughts, reactions, stories, and beautiful questions.

6 thoughts on “Star Songs & Water Rituals

  1. What longing this brings to my heart, my soul. You’ve expressed it wonderfully. We are fortunate to live in the middle of a smallish city where we are blessed with more quiet than I would have thought possible. Yes, there are irritating incursions. Fortunately they usually don’t last too long. While I am experiencing them I find myself getting anxious, distracted and sometimes angry. I must remember to refocus on the birds, butterflies, lovely sky, the retreat that is our back yard. We don’t have a river close by. We have the mighty Pacific eight miles to our southwest, on the other side of a plain filled with farmland. Sea breezes are a blessing so often taken for granted and desperately longed for when the hot, dry winds blast through from the mountain passes and desert to our northeast. At those times, I long for the forests, rain, rivers and lakes in the PNW I am able to experience at least once a year. Ahhh, my skin sighs, as I revel in this liquid abundance that feeds my body and soul.

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