Mother & Moon

Published this week in Mojave Heart Review: Mother and Moon.

They’ve set it beautifully, a nice clean reading experience, so please click through above.. They don’t use photos with the pieces, though, and you know I always do…so please scroll below, too. :)

Mother & Moon

Hummingbird fills up
the symmetrical cup
of her nest
on the blossoming skirts of the backyard lime tree.

She’s a scrimshaw ship
with her tail uptipped
out one side
and her black beak a compass that points toward her hope.

She blinks like me:
as this moment
she’s let me so close we are black eye to blue.

On an outbreath she’ll fly
in one flick of that eye —
but this second
keeps watch with the westering sun, and the moon

as she rises on time,
climbs over the lime —
the lonesomest
cumulus puff in vast skies — just nest-sized.

5 thoughts on “Mother & Moon

  1. I recognize that tree! And the nest 😊 I love “our” hummingbirds who visit our back yard on a daily basis, zipping from tree to flower, sipping nectar and loudly and boldly defending their territory. Their fierce scolding as they hover mere inches from my face at times is at once delightful, and somewhat intimidating.

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