Love Song for a River Bank

I am delighted to announce that I’ve got an essay and some photos published today in Empty Mirror! The essay’s called Love Song for a River Bank, and if you know me, you might know the river bank the conversation starts on.

If you choose to visit my piece, make a little time to stick around or come back later and browse. Empty Mirror publishes lots of great prose and poetry in a beautiful format you will want time to enjoy.


One thought on “Love Song for a River Bank

  1. I shed tears over this one, especially in light of your dad and I missing this summer’s pilgrimage among “my” incredible redwood forest and along “my” river. My heart cried for that missed trip for many days, still does, even as at this very moment the tears are flowing. How blessed we have been for the past 29 years to spend 7-10 days with beloved family in my heart home. Watching you grow up here each summer over those years is a beautiful memory held close and pulled out to contemplate when I need my mind and heart to be immersed in beauty, family memories and love. My heart is crying out: “Next year in Jerusalem!”. We’ll be there. ❤️🌲🌲🏞️🏞️

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