Reading Blessings in the Dictionary

To wax, I read:

“To increase in phase or intensity.”*


Of celestial bodies, of satellites.

Sigils sought in breadth of night.


Of things you think you know the pattern to.

Of you. Of course. Of course. Of you.



*Credit bestowed where credit is due:

those lexicographers know their moon.

Merriam-Webster inspired this piece

as much as luna did, as much the trees.*

The Silence of a Stand of Oaks at Dusk

Oak Silence

I take a walk

“to think.”

To plan, foment; to argue with myself.

The trees have nothing to contribute to such foolishness.


And after a time

of measuring my stride, I stop attending.

Important questions lie about

like acorns, oak galls, fallen leaves.


It’s possible they might be just those things.

Trees don’t tell the answers to them either.