The idea was long walks. Really long ones, like the entire Wildwood trail in one day. Walks long enough they could reasonably be called longwalks, one word. Jeremiah and I have been talking about this for a couple of years now, though the urgency mostly belongs to me. He’s game to make most situations into a … More Off-Trail


“So, where are you from?” Jeremiah and I were the only passengers in the front car on the Welsh Highland Railway’s Friday run to Caernarvon. If the manager couldn’t tell by our voices that we’re foreign, our enthusiasm must have given us away. Especially me, hopping from one side of the car to the other, … More Recognition

Love Letters Home

-1- The birdsong is different here. At home – at my house in Portland – robins are my alarm clock. Turdus migratorius are large, almost comical thrushes, with a massive red bib tied around their throats against the mess they’re about to make of some earthworms. They’re probably pretty, but I can’t separate them from … More Love Letters Home


I walked my beat around the bay this morning. Its surface lay like thick and shining pewter, polished by the heat that threatens but hangs back, an undecided bully. The sun snagged behind silver-lined clouds, their shifting, tectonic forms bunched up like sea ice beginning to break. I am working a very great deal, and … More Midsummer