Country Walking 101

A thick bank of fog hovers over the Chiltern hills. I can see roving tendrils curling toward slope and toward sky, but I can’t tell if they’re expanding their territory, or seeking the oblivion of evaporation. On the hedgerows of the Icknield Way, the sun is shining. They’re tall, these hedges, and lined with blossoming … More Country Walking 101

Last Minute Pleasures

I was supposed to go to Vancouver. Why I didn’t is not the most interesting thing about this weekend. The part worth knowing is that I’ve come to Boise instead, and this was an excellent decision. It was a last-minute one. The Vancouver trip was planned, itineraried, anticipated. When it fell apart, my husband and … More Last Minute Pleasures

Guessing With Maps: A Walk (Probably) on the Wales Coast Path

Well, this is awkward. England’s National Trust (also Wales’, though I’m not sure how loudly I can say that around here) provides all kinds of thoughtful extras for travellers who arrive to stay at one of their many historic holiday cottages. They leave you little flammable bricks for the fireplace, a helpful book containing the property’s … More Guessing With Maps: A Walk (Probably) on the Wales Coast Path

Only Good Days

I’m sitting on the floor of a darkened Boeing 767, a few hundred people sleeping around me while we arc over the North Atlantic, en route from London to Seattle. By the grace of a bulkhead seat, I have space to turn around and shift about just a bit, creating the sort of private corner … More Only Good Days