At 8am, it’s t-shirt warm where the sun dodges the encircling hills to strike the path beside the Klickitat River. The hills are lazy guardians – drowsing, probably, the sun warm on their own backs – but the canyon they shade is deep enough to do most of the work. I walk three quarters of … More Bedrock

Second Best

I’ve never seriously considered the question of love at first sight. Is it real; isn’t it? I don’t know. The closest definitive I can offer is that connection at first sight is alive and well. I’ve known it with people; today I’m clicking immediately with a place. More, though: my heart – my wondering, soaring … More Second Best


A blue-sky spring day in the Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful gift. Fifty minutes driving east from darkness into an unfolding sunrise is the best way I can think of to open it. I left Portland at 5:30am out of a sense of springtime urgency. The Gorge – especially in the drier regions east … More Dawn