Roll On

If we renamed a river, what would change? The floating pier at river mile 123 is tipsy this early morning, though the wind is calm and the water glass. I step carefully, wary of a river’s tricks. They’re deceptive creatures – although perhaps I should say ‘mysterious.’ It’s not their fault we humans so often … More Roll On

Duck Lady

It smells like cat pee out here. It’s a gorgeous morning at Oaks Bottom – blackbirds bugling, rain receding, sunrise staining the clouds a cotton-candy pink. The ferris wheel at the neighboring amusement park stands poised, vaguely majestic in the early shadows, waiting its turn for the Saturday spotlight. You couldn’t ask for a lovelier … More Duck Lady

Infinite Sunshine

This blue sky actually hurts. Adjectives aren’t helpful right now: I say things like wide, empty, piercingly…blue. I’m hiking with my mother, who declares it “severe clear.” I have to ask. “Haven’t you ever heard your father say that?” My father is a retired Naval aviator; I’ve picked up a number of linguistic oddities from … More Infinite Sunshine