Millennials Now Ruining Morning Walks

Of all the poems I’ve written, this one bears both my silliest and my favorite title. And it’s appropriate that it’s up today in Cascadia Rising Review’s Issue 3, because it was written in conversation with the Southern California home I’m headed back to shortly for a Christmas visit. It’s also written in “conversation” (although … More Millennials Now Ruining Morning Walks

Creation Story

Quail Bell is a magazine for “real and unreal stories from around the world.” Today, that includes one of my poems! Any creation story is both of those themes — in infinitely unfolding ways, infinitely worth unpacking. Click to read this one at Quail Bell, along with visual art that may let you see it … More Creation Story

What We Can Promise

Happy December! I am delighted to begin this, my second-favorite month, by announcing the publication of a new poem in Mojave Heart Review! (@MojaveHeart, if you’re on Twitter.) I’m less delighted by its theme. It was written in response to the Hill and Woolsey and Camp Fires, as they devoured homes and lives in California … More What We Can Promise

Spell for Blue Sky on the First Day of Spring

I’m in rather the wrong season with this one. Though I suspect some of my co-hemisphereists would be pleased to imagine the arrival of warmer and sunnier weather as we deepen into wintertime. This one’s for you. ;) Personally, I’ll celebrate the spring when it rolls around. For now, I’ll just celebrate the fact that … More Spell for Blue Sky on the First Day of Spring